Block Island, RI

Rodman’s Hollow/Black Rock Point

Block Island Organics

Block Island’s Greenway Trails, maintained by the Nature Conservancy, cover about 26 miles on the island. Most are great for trail running. Aside from Clay Head, the most popular trails in the Greenway are those of Rodman’s Hollow, a 230-acre glacial outwash basin in the southwest part of the island. Our 3.4 mile route incorporates the trail network in the flat shrublands of Rodman’s Hollow with a Black Rock Rd., a dirt toad that leads to Black Rock point. For bonus miles, Black Rock beach makes for good running at low tide, and goes for a ways in either direction.

Another option, which adds about 1/2 mile, is to run along Black Rock Rd. to Barlows Point and take Lakeside Dr. back to Conneymus Rd.

RoRodman's Hollow Information

  • 3.4 mile loop
  • 0 feet
  • Rodham’s Hollow Trailhead
  • Parking at the trailhead.