Block Island, RI

Run around the Block

You may think of a “run around the block” as a quick, over-and-out run, but not when the block is Block Island.  There isn’t really a seamless ‘run around the whole island’ route, but there are couple of options that provide a great way to to see Block Island in all it’s glory.

Option 1: ‘Run the Block’ road race course. This route, which follows the course of the annual race, held the second Saturday of September, is a 9.3 mile (15K) challenge. Full disclosure: it doesn’t actually cover the whole island, but it is a good sampling of the roads that make up the southern bulb of the island. The course starts out on Lakeside Road, heads south-west on Cooneymus, and up West Side Road before returning on Center and doing the whole loop again. This route is a treat for views of farmland and a look at the lesser traveled inland of the island. Do it once, for 5.5 miles, or the official road race, which is twice. For more information, check out the race website.

Option 2:  Great Runs tour of Block Island. Rather than the road race course, we’ve designed a nearly 10-mile route, which is a “best of the Block”‘ option. Start in town, and run out Sprint St. to Mohegan Trail. Just shy of the 3-mile mark, take Lakeside Dr. for 1 mile. Then you’ll do about 4 miles matching most of the ‘Run the Block’ course, incorporating Conneymus Rd., and West Side Rd., which showcases the interior of the island. The final mile heads back to town, using Ocean Ave., Beach Rd., and Corn Neck Rd. A more direct route is just using Ocean Ave. to get to town.

  • Tour de Block is 15k (loop done twice). Our 'Grand Tour' is a 9.5 mile loop (done once)
  • Lakeside Drive
  • Park near Rodman’s Hollow.