Boise, ID

Foothills Trails: Camel’s Back, Military Reserve, Harrison Hollows

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Our other post on the Boise Foothills is an overview of the extensive Ridge to Rivers System. Here, we provide a couple of specific route recommendation for each area. This is not an exhaustive list. There are 190 miles of interconnected trails–something for everyone!  Note: some trails not recommended in certain weather, such as in winter months when temps above freezing make some of the clay trails muddy.

Camel’s Back. Nice spot for running. Easiest is the pedestrian-only Camel’s Back Trail, a 3-mile loop accessed from the Heron St. Parking Lot. More challenging is West Bank Trail-Hulls Grove loop (3 miles). From Hulls Gulch trailhead, take Lower Hull’s Gulch Trail (2 miles) to its intersection with the Crestline Trail (popular with runners).  2 miles to the end, then head back. Interactive Map.

Military Reserve. A bit more self-contained. Ponds Loop is 1 mile. Eagle Ridge Trail has good views, Cottonwood Creek Trail goes along the stream. Ridge Crest Trail is a ~3 mile around the park. Can also connect to the Crestline Trail, using the Military Reserve Connection, off Mountain Cove Rd., for a longer run.

Harrison Hollow. Good variety here, from a flatter ‘low trail’ to more challenging trails up a hill and along the ridge. Adjacent Hillside to the Hollow adding more trails.

Foothills Ridge to Rivers Overview


  • Depends on trail chosen
  • Selection of trails from flat to rolling to steep & challenging!
  • Depends on trail chosen
  • Numerous trailheads, access points, and parking areas some only minutes from downtown