Bologna, Italy

Bologna’s Green Hills: Parco Della Chiusa & Reno River

Wikimedia Commons
Sasso Marconi. Flickr: Enrico Strocchi

This is another wonderful option for exploring Bologna’s green hills, and it’s flatter than our Villa Spada to Villa Gighi route. We’ve mapped an attractive 8.5 km route starting at Parco Talon, heading south as far as the Terrazza Con Vista Sul Reno observation deck. The first 2 km are primarily through the Parco Della Chiusa, a lovely green space with villa ruins, numerous trails, and striking scenery. Exiting the park, run on the gravel path along the Reno River for another 3 km. This would be a good turnaround point for a cool 10k. For a longer run, continue along a quiet dirt road, Via Cavaioni to the Oasi Naturale di San Gherardo park, then along Via Rio Conco to another park, Vizzano Sasso Marconi. Then it’s 2 km further to the Terrazza Con Vista Sul Reno, which has an observation deck. The route is through a combination of pastures and woods, with some views of the narrow river.



  • Up to 8.5 km (5.3 miles) one-way
  • 87m (287 feet)
  • North end: Parco Talon
  • Good bus access along the SS64