Bordeaux, France

Garonne River Run

Wikimedia Commons

Running along the Garonne River is one of the signature runs in Bordeaux. The best running is on the west side (the UNESCO-designated ‘left bank’), bordering the historic center and downtown, for 4 km between Pont Saint-Jean and Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas (Pont=Bridge). There’s a dedicated waterfront path, with views of the river the whole way. There are good opportunities to head off the path and run/explore some of scenic/historic spots of Bordeaux, including a jaunt along Place des Quinconces, the Parliament area, and the Jardin Public (Botanical Garden).

On the eastern (right bank) side of the Garonne, the best running is ~1.5 km from Pont St. Pierre (scenic crossing!) to the Parc aux Angéliques.  Route info.

From Pont Saint-Jean on the left bank, heading north, distances are:

0.8 km –  Pont St. Pierre (lovely crossing to east side)
1.4 km –   Mirroire d’Eau
2 km  –    Place des Quinconces
4 km –     Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas

  • 4 km (2.5 miles) one-way
  • Flat
  • Anywhere on path
  • Easy access from central Bordeaux