Bordeaux, France

Quai des Queyries/Garonne River Right Bank

Michel Desvigne

This is a pleasant run on the eastern side (right bank, or ‘rive droite’) of the Garonne River, in the Bastide area of Bordeaux. A leafy waterfront promenade path runs along the Quai des Queyries, from  Pont de Pierre north to Parc aux Angéliques. It’s ~ 1.5 km. Sites include the Blue Lion at Stalingrad, the Darwin Ecosystem, the the pleasant park. There’s a nice side jaunt to the Botanical Garden, right off the path, which is open to the public and has nice grounds for running. It adds a little over 1 km out and back.

Longer Run:  A full loop of the left and right banks is 6.7 km (4.3 miles). Continue past the Parc aux Angéliques for ~1 km to the Pont Chaban Delmas (not as scenic), and loop around to the western (left bank), then head south to side Pont de Pierre, which has a good crossing. West side (left bank) route here.

  • 4 km out and back, or ~5 km if Jardin Botanique is incorporated
  • Flat
  • Pont de Pierre