Bordeaux, France

Good Streets and Neighborhoods for Running


Most of our routes for Bordeaux center on the river paths, parks, and sights of Old Bordeaux. Here are some additional recommendations for the area, that can be added to other routes or used to create your own.

Left Bank Neighborhoods. There are some great neighborhoods in Old Bordeaux where you can create your own run along the historic, narrow streets. The St. Michel area, just north of the St. Jean train station is fun. Also, the Chartrons neighborhood, just north of the Jardin Public, between the river and Blvd. Godard, is worth a tour.

Good Running Streets. There are some longer, wide streets that make for good running in central Bordeaux, as they feature wide sidewalks/bike paths and also pass some of the city’s main sites. Some favorite are: Rue Verdun and Rue Fondaud├Ęge (both near the Jardin Public), Cours Georges Clemenceau, Rue Ste-Catherine (1.4 km pedestrian mall), Av. Victor Hugo.