Bordeaux, France

A guide to the best places to run in Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is the 6th largest city in France and the center of an important wine-producing region. The historic part of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site and boasts the largest number of preserved buildings historical buildings in France after Paris. The centerpiece of running in Bordeaux is along the the Garonne River, which divides the city, with historic ‘Old Bordeaux’ located on the ‘left bank’ (west side).

The signature run in Bordeaux is along a series of paths and parks fronting the Garonne River. We’ve also put together several ‘runseeing’ tours of historic Bordeaux. The city also contains numerous parks and gardens, which are also enjoyable for running.

Bordeaux has a good public transport system, called the TBM, with a sleek 3-line tram system and an extensive bus network.

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Bordeaux has a pleasant climate, consisting of warm summers and mild to cool winters. Average high temperatures in summer are in the 26C (80F) range, with nights that can cool off a bit. Winters average in the 10C (50F) range during the day. Snow and ice are rare. Summers can be on the dry site, but rain is fairly plentiful through the year.

Bordeaux is a popular visitor destination, so there’s a large variety of centrally located hotels. A good number of them are in central Bordeaux, located just north of City Hall. There’s another cluster near the train station. Some are located on the right bank as well.

For running purposes, try to stay east of Boulevard du Président Wilson, in order to easily access most of the best places to run in Bordeaux, notably the routes along the Garonne.


RunStore Bordeaux. Great running store, centrally located.

Bordeaux Strides. Running, fitness, triathlon. Involved with lots of events in Bordeaux.

Group Runs

A2 Running. Alice and Anne, running enthusiasts and hosts, lead group runs every Tuesday and Thursday, 19H30, from the Miroir d’Eau.

Good event calendar from the wonderful Foulées Bordeaux store.

Bordeaux has numerous running events throughout the year.

Marathon des Chateâux de Médoc. September. Famous for the marathon involving the drinking of lots of wine. “The world’s longest, booziest race”.

Marathon de Bordeaux Metropole. April. One of the most famous marathons in the world celebrating running at night!