Bremen, Germany

Oldenburg Running Highlights

Creative Commons: Corradox

Oldenburg, located 50 km west of Bremen, is considered part of the greater Bremen area. There are some nice parks and waterfront paths for running in Oldenburg.

Schloss Oldenburg & Eversten Holz. Run beautifully landscaped palace garden paths of the Schloss Oldenburg, a castle until 1918 and now an excellent museum. Combine with the more wooded Eversten Holz, just west, for a nice 6 km run. ROUTE MAP

Hunte River Path. Google Street View

Waterfront Paths. There are numerous attractive waterfront paths in Oldenburg. From the port (Hafen), run for up to 3.5 km along the Osternburger Kanal. (ROUTE MAP). We also love running along the multi-use paths along the Hunte River. Starting at the Schleuse Oldenburg (locks), it’s a loop of up to 8.5 km. (ROUTE MAP). The waterfront paths can be combined, and also can be accessed from the southern end of the Schloss Gardens (run through the Stadium grounds paths) for some fun combo routes.

Hunte River East Multi-Use Path. For a longer, off-road run, a multi-use path runs along the Hunte River for up to 8 km east to the Moorhauser Polder nature preserve. MAP

Lake Loops. Drielaker See (Lake), 3 km east of the center, has a fun, quick 2.6 km loop path. Can combine with Hunte River west path, above. We also love the 3.2 km loop around the Tweelbäker See (Lake), 7 km southeast of the center.




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