Brighton, UK

Brighton Parks and ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Wikimedia Commons: Fenliokao

For those who’d like some variety from Brighton’s seafront paths (or for those times when a stiff wind is blowing!), we suggest this ~5 mile tour of Brighton’s parks and sights.

Wikimedia Commons: Hassocks5489

Start near Brighton Pier in Old Steine Gardens, enjoying the fountain and war memorials. Then LEFT on Castle Rd. to do loop of  the grounds The Royal Pavillion, an Asian-style palace built for King George IV, and the adjacent Theatre Royal and Brighton Dome event venues. Head north past the Brighton Museum into Victoria Gardens, for 1/2 mile of running through some small parks, passing the Mazda Fountain, Valley Gardens, St. Peter’s Church, and the pleasant paths of The Level Park. Exiting Level Park, it’s 0.5 miles west to Preston Park, turning LEFT on the A270 Rd. and RIGHT on Preston Rd. The ~1.2 mile loop of the attractive Preston Park includes paths, fields, and a manor house. Exit the west end of Preston Park into Lovers Lane, heading briefly west on Dyke Rd. Dr./Port Hall to get over to Dyke Road Park/Hove Green. Enjoy a brief jaunt here and then head south on Dyke Rd. for the 1 mile return, passing through St. Nicholas Church and garden grounds, then LEFT on North St. to the end.

Add-Ons: Seafront paths. Can also head west of Hove Green to Hove Park.

  • 4.75 miles (7.6 km) loop
  • 282 feet (85m)
  • Old Steine Gardens, near Brighton Pier