Brisbane, Australia

Enoggera Creek Bikeway

Creative Commons: Orderinchaos

The Enoggera Creek Bikeway is a paved, shared-use trail that weaves through Brisbane’s northern suburbs of Windsor, Wilston, and Newmarket, with an extension out to The Gap. The path is generally flat, well signposted, and follows the Enoggera Creek through a series of parks for most of the journey. It’s a great way to get in a few solid, hassle-free miles surrounded by plenty of greenery and gardens. From the westernmost point at Newmarket, it’s 2 km to Bancroft Park, and 4 km to Downney Park. Bonus: A train line and buses run just north of the path, allowing for a one-way run.

Add-On:  The trail extends further west for 4 km to the suburb of The Gap on Bennet Rd. Much of it follows Breakfast Creek, through the Banks Street Reserve and a series of parks. Total distance from The Gap to Windsor is 13 km one-way.

  • Full path from the Gap east to Windsor is 13 km (8 miles) one-way
  • Full route, one-way from west to east: 47m (154 feet)
  • Numerous path access points
  • A train line and buses run just north of the path