Brisbane, Australia

Kedron Brook Bikeway

Wikimedia Commons

The Kedron Brook Bikeway is a hidden gem in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. We’ve mapped a picturesque, convenient and popular section of this multi-use path from Teralba Park near the Brookside Shopping Centre to Toombul, near the Toombul Shopping centre. It is a very picturesque path with lush gardens, and wide green lawns running through a sort of linear park along the Kedron Brook nature corridor. The eastern section of the path is near the Brisbane Airport.

Most of the route consists of concrete paths, with some sections on road and some sections where the bike and pedestrian paths are separated. Restrooms and water fountains can be found along the route and there are various parks that can be used as a rest or turnaround spot. Workout stations are also located along the path.

Add-On:  The path can be continued east on the Jim Soorley Bikeway which after 7.5 km (4.7 miles) will take you to Nudgee, near the Boondall Wetlands (see our route there). More information on the Jim Soorley Bikeway can be found here. The Jim Soorley Bikeway forms part of the Moreton Bay Cycleway which is a project to connect 150 km (93 miles) of Brisbane’s coastlines, more information can be found here



  • 11.7 km (7.3 miles) one-way; Can continue further east for another 7.5 km toward Nudgee
  • 42m (138 feet) in one-way from west to east
  • Anywhere along path. West end is Teralba Park near the Brookside Shopping Centre; East end is in Toombul, near the Toombul Shopping centre.
  • Train station in Toombul