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Enjoy a run in New York City’s largest park! Pelham Bay Park overlooking Pelham Bay on Long Island Sound, just south of New Rochelle. There’s a good variety of running options here, including multi-use paths, fields, a beachside promenade, and a more rugged loop around Hunters Island. Our mapped 7-mile route can be used as a guideline to create your own route.

Start at the parking lot near the golf course. Run for ~2 miles on a paved multi-use path alongside Pelham Bridge Rd./.Coty Island Rd. down to the water, passing scenic Turtle Cove. The, run for ~1.5 miles on the boardwalk alongside Orchard Beach (the sand is very soft for running). Here, there’s an option for a 2-mile loop of Hunters Island, which is a bit more rugged. Return using Park Dr., and the bike path.

Add-Ons: There some nice paths and fields for running in a section of Pelham Bay Park just south of our route. It’s possible to run there using the Pelhman Bridge but not very recommended. Better to drive there and take a jaunt around the fields. You can also run on the bike path along Shore Rd. to Shore Park, do a loop there, and then to the larger Glen Island Park, which has a nice 1.5 mile waterfront promenade loop.

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  • We've mapped a 7 mile (11.7 km) route covering the whole park, including the loop around Hunters Island; Good add-on options
  • 271 feet (82m) for 7-mile loop
  • Either parking lot
  • There are two parking lots. There's a subway to Pelham Bay Park, but the stop is south of the main part of the park