Westchester County, NY

New Rochelle: Pelham Bay to Glen Island Park

Glen Island Park. Google Street View

There’s a series of waterfront parks and some beaches on the Long Island Sound side of Westchester County, stretching from New Rochelle to Rye. They’re not contiguous, and the main roads connecting them aren’t always safe or attractive for running…so it’s harder to map a longer, seamless route. Instead, we’ve mapped a few of the better waterfront sections for running. This one starts at Pelham Bay Park, at the Bronx/Westchester line, and includes an out and back to Glen Island Park. Run north on the bike path alongside Shore Rd. for 1 mile, do the 0.5 mile loop around Shore Park, then continue for 0.8 miles along Shore Rd./Pelham Rd. to Glen Island Approach. Turn RIGHT and use the 1920s-era drawbridge access  enjoy the nice 2 mile waterfront loop on a boardwalk around 105-acre Glen Island. Retrace your steps to the start.

Options: Extend to include our Five Islande Park/Larchmont route. It’s 2 miles from Glen Island Park Approach Rd. to La Fevre Ln., where you can pick up our 5.25-mile out and back route. Another good option is to start at Shore Park, do the route around Glen Island, then continue to Five Island Park and Larchmont. This would be a ~12 mile out and back!


  • 6.3 miles (10.2 km) out and back
  • 172 feet (53m)
  • Pelham Bay Park near the Barlow-Pell Mansion/Museum
  • Parking lot at Pelham Bay & Split Rock