Bruges, Belgium

Run to Damme

Flickr: Sjaak Kempe

This is a wonderful 6 km run along a canal path to the historic town of Damme, a small town whose history dates back to the 12th century. Important sites include the significant Damme Church, a Gothic Town Hall, St. John’s Hospital, Haringmarkt (square), and a path-lined moat encircling the town.

The run to Damme follows the the Damse Vaart-Zuid canal path. It is lovely, open countryside, with views of the canal and nearby fields the whole way. Our route starts near Bruges center, opposite the Gallery 44 Museum, following the canal path out of town. It’s a straight shot to Damme. There’s also a bike path on the north side of the canal, called Noorweegse Kaai.  Arriving in Damme, there are two options: following the canal path straight into town (6 km), or taking the path along the star-shaped moat, the poplar-lined path encircling the town, which adds 1.4 km (and is on our map). For the return, retrace your route, use the opposite side path, or take the bus back!

Add-On: The countryside around here is lovely. Many quiet side roads passing farm fields.


  • 6 km (3.7 miles) one-way, or 7.4 km if moat tour included. Can do out and back or take bus back
  • Flat
  • Near central Bruges, Potterierei opposite 944 Museum
  • Transporr runs between the two towns