Bruges, Belgium

Ryckevelde Area


Ryckevelde is a 180-hectare area centered around a historic castle, offering a good variety of running opportunities. It’s located in the suburb of Sint-Kruis, about 6 km east of Bruges. There are several well-marked walking paths/loops that are great for running — combination of woods, fields, meadows, and some lovely gardens.

Running options include: two ‘nature loops’ — a red loop of 2.3 km running through the castle park, and a green loop of 6.5 km that runs along the wide Rijckeveldestraat path (Detailed description here).

There’s also a 6.5 km signposted Ryckevelde Walk, starting from the Castle, which is great for running too. The route passes along quiet rural roads, fields, and forests. There is a map that can be purchased.

Additional Info on Area (in Dutch)
  • Red Loop: 2.3 km (1.5 miles); Green Loop: 6.5 km (4 miles)
  • Fairly Flat
  • At the castle