Cambridge, UK

Cam River Paths

A pleasant gravel path lines the Cam River for several km, with opportunities for detours to some of Cambridge’s gorgeous meadows and commons. We’ve mapped a route along the river from the Bridge of Sighs area, north as far as Clayhithe — where you can take a train back to Cambridge if you like! Most of the path is on the northern side of the river. See this table of segment distances for more info!

Starting at Bridge St., head north on the south side of the river. After 2.3 km, reach Riverside Br./Logans Meadow (additional path options). At the 2.8 km mark, use the Green Dragon Bridge to cross over to the north side path. Here, you can continue for many km headed north, as the path becomes more rural and pastoral. We go as far as Clayhithe (9.3 km), where you can turn around or take Clayhithe St. to for 0.3 miles to a the train station, back to Cambridge.

Add-Ons: Paths of Logan’s Meadow, Stourbridge Common/Ditton Meadows. Near Baits Bite Lock, pleasant running around Milton Country Park (use Fen Rd. off the path).



  • Up to 9.3 km one-way. See table with segment distances
  • Flat
  • Bridge St., just north of Bridge of Signs. Start on south side path.