Canberra, Australia

Cooleman Ridge Nature Preserve

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Canberra is encircled by nature preserves of all stripes, and local runners are fond of cross country tracks that show off Australia’s natural beauty. Cooleman Ridge, just south of the city, has a number of trails that do just that. The Runners Club at the Canberra YMCA is particularly fond of the park’s Canberra Centenary Trail, which can form the base of either a 5k or 12k route. The 5k option starts starts at the corner of Hindmarsh Drive and Eucumbene Drive, where the Centenary Trail heads out Darwinia Terrace and Kathner Street before officially entering the park. From the park entrance, the trail winds uphill, where you will turn left after approximately 1k. Turn left again to stay on the main fire trail which will run behind the Chapman neighborhood. Turn back at 2.5k, just before the fire trail turns right and heads up a saddle. The longer trail continues up the ridge for some great views before looping to the south of Mt. Arawang.

  • 5k or 12k options
  • 190 meters (624 feet)
  • Hindmarsh Drive and Eucumbene Drive
  • The 25 bus runs to the start point