Cartagena, Colombia

Castillogrande and Bay Side Boardwalk

Reg Natarajan

Castillogrande is considered one of the most ritzy neighborhoods in Cartagena, with modern white residential high rises lining a small peninsula on the southeast end of Bocagrande. The streets here follow a straightforward, grid-like formula, and the sidewalks are wide and in great condition relative to the rest of the city. Starting at Playa Castillo Grande, a loop around the peninsula isĀ  3 km, using Calle 5 out and Calle 6 back.

Longer Run. Runners will not want to miss the opportunity to continue north on the lovely boardwalk lining the bay side of Bocagrande, which makes this a 7.25 km loop. The boardwalk starts at the tip of the peninsula and reaches along Calle 6, then Carrera 6 (which becomes Calle 5, then Calle 4 as it continues north). Where the path ends near the naval base, runners can cut west over to Carrera 1 and loop back on the sidewalk or the beach there. Depending on where runners choose to return, the route can clock anywhere from 5-7 km.

  • Peninsular loop is 3 km (1.8 miles); Bocagrande add-on makes for a 7.25 (4.5 mile) loop
  • 97 feet
  • Playa Castillogrande
  • Calle 5