Cartagena, Colombia

Grand Tour of Cartagena

R. Halfpaap

Cartagena is a sprawling city, but the main touristic areas — and coincidentally the best running routes — are fairly compact in the areas of Old Town, Bocagrande, and Manga. To give runners an idea of how the various running routes in this guide can be linked, we’ve created a “Grand Tour” of Cartagena which combines several runs into one long tour.

The route starts at the gate/clock tower in Old Town. From here, runners can add a 3 km out and back on the Getsemani/Manga Waterfront path (Calle 24) or continue north on the Walls of Cartagena route (Carerra 11).

Follow the Walls of Cartagena route (Carrera 11, Carrera 2) for 3 km around Old Town to the Baluarte de San Francisco Javier. Then, turn RIGHT to exit the walls and reach the sidewalk along the Avenida Santander seawall. Go south, following the Bocagrande Waterfront route for 3.5 km along Carrera 1 (km 10 of the run).

At the end of Carrera 1, loop east and run around the Castillogrande neighborhood to the boardwalk on the bay side of Calle 6/Carrera 6. Where the boardwalk ends just past Parque Naval, cut west on Calle 10 back to Carrera 1 and backtrack north to Parque de La Marina.

Follow either the city walls or the waterfront path back to the clock tower.

In full, the route adds up to just under 18 km, but the run can be shortened by eliminating a leg in any direction.

  • Up to 18 km (11 miles)
  • 237 feet
  • Torre del Rojo (Clock Tower) Gate
  • Avenida Blass de Lezo