Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca ‘Runseeing’ Tour: Boulevards, Parks, and Squares
Mohammed V Sq. Flickr: Anina Abdesalam

This run combines one of the best long, continuous streets for running with a jaunt around the pretty Arab League park and two of the city’s grand squares. The palm-lined Boulevard Moulay Youssef extends from the Mosque Hassan II, away from the water for 2 km. It’s a good, wide street for running with good sidewalks and some shade, passing by numerous consulates, churches, and other sites. Then, do a jaunt around Casablanca’s largest park, the nicely landscaped Arab League Park/Park Yasmina, with the splendid Sacred Heart Church of Casablanca at the edge. At the northern end is the Place des Nations Unies — a large square surrounded by numerous shops and restaurants. Do a loop around here, and then around the grand, modern, Mohammed V Square, with its popular Pigeon Fountain, surrounded by by buildings in a Neo-Moorish style. Return to Boulevard Moulay Youssef for the return.

Add-Ons: Waterfront path (Blvd. Corniche), jaunt around the perimeter of the Hassan II Mosque.

  • 7.5 km (4.6 miles)
  • 58m (193 feet)
  • Boulevard Moulay Youssef at Mosque Hassan II (can also start at other end @ Arab League Park)
  • Ample bus service in the area