Serge Melki

For runners lucky enough to find themselves on the island of Little Cayman, this destination is a real treat. With only about 250 permanent residents, Little Cayman sees very little traffic, which means wide open paved roads. Actually, there are only two roads: Guy Banks on the south coast and North Coast Road (obviously) to the north. Both are quite flat, at sea level, spanning about 35 km around the circumference of the island. Runners can hop on at any point, but the eastern end near Point of Sand is particularly scenic (and has some hill work as a bonus!).

Another good loop option is to start from the Booby Pond area, run east on Guy Banks Road to South Hole, then turn LEFT north on Olivine Drive. At North Coast Road, turn LEFT then turn LEFT again on Spot Bay Road. Emerge on Guy Banks Roads and follow it back to the pond for a total of about 10 km.

  • Up to 35 km
  • 68 meters
  • Blossom Village
  • Blossom Village