The Cayman Islands

West Bay Road

Centrally located along the resort-laced Seven Mile Beach in Georgetown, West Bay Road is the choice running spot of locals and tourist alike in the Cayman Islands. While there are only intermittent coastal views, the sidewalk is in good condition, offering a buffer from the street’s moderate traffic. The entire length of the road, from West Bay Beach to North Church Street, is about 8.7 km, but most runners prefer the section heading south from the Governor’s Square area (about 5.7 km).

Add-Ons/Variety: Several other of our popular running routes are in the area of the West Bay Road run: Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands Yacht Club Development, and Safehaven/North Sound Golf Club.

  • 8.7 km (5.4 miles) one-way
  • 64 feet
  • West Bay Beach
  • West Bay Road