The Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Yacht Club Development

Another nice quiet set of side streets is the Yacht Club Development just off Esterly Tibbetts Highway, opposite the Safehaven neighborhood on the north side of Governors Creek. This lightly trafficked and enjoyable route is made scenic by canal front homes and boats bobbing in the current. An out and back along Yacht Drive is about 4.25 km, but there are plenty of additional ins and outs which can extend your run. Also a great addition to the Safehaven route.

Longer Run: Do additional ins and outs along the Quays south of our main route, off Esterly Tibbetts Highway, as far as Cypress Pointe. Quiet roads with lovely homes and good water views.

  • 4.25 km (2.7 miles) out and back. Can add with other Quays just to the south
  • Flat
  • Yacht Drive
  • Esterly Tibbetts Highway