Chattanooga, TN

Moccasin Bend Trails

Creative Commons: Brian Stansberry

The Moccasin Bend National Archeological District is a part of the Chickamaugua and Chattanooga Military Park system. This area is located only a few miles from downtown, and is worth a ‘running visit’ for its historic trails. Moccasin Bend is one of the most unique units found in the entire National Park Service system, spanning 12,000 years of continuous human habitation.

Brown’s Ferry Federal Rd. Google Street View

For running, there are two options:  Brown’s Ferry Federal Rd. traverses a portion of the road trace emigrating groups of Cherokee walked over during the Trail of Tears in 1838 and Union army supply wagons rumbled over during the Civil War in 1863.  It’s 1.2 miles out and back.  The Blue Blazes Trail is a 2-mile loop trail, mainly through a quiet forest, featuring a nice overlook of the Tennessee River.

It’s possible to combine the two, using Moccasin Bend Rd. for the 1.3  miles between the two trailheads. Note: no shoulder.

Unfortunately, we can’t recommend running to Moccasion Bend from downtown — unattractive roads with no shoulder/sidewalk.

  • Brown's Ferry Rd: 1.2 miles RT; Blue Blazes Trail: 2 mile loop; Combine the two for a 5.8 mile run
  • Fairly flat
  • Trailhead for Brown's Ferry Federal Road or Blue Blazes Trail
  • Trailheads and parking off Moccasion Bend Rd.