Chicago: Downtown & Central

The 606 (Bloomingdale) Trail and Area Parks

Victor Grigas

The 606 Trail is a brand new elevated urban trail built along a former rail line in Chicago’s west side. Opened in 2015, this is a wonderful urban greenway with separate pedestrian & bike paths, public art, and lovely landscaping. Also known as the Bloomingdale Trail, it runs 2.7 miles, from Walsh Park at the I-90, west to N. Ridgeway Ave. Modeled after The Highline in New York City, the 606 has sprouted a whole revitalization of the area, including cafes & restaurants. An out and back along the trail is 5.4 miles.

Add-Ons: A nice add-on is Humboldt Park, which which has 2 miles of green trails around a couple of ponds. It’s 0.3 miles along N. Humboldt Blvd. (at the 1.7 mile mark of the 606 Trail), to Humboldt Park. For even more, continue 1.5 miles to Garfield Park, which has lovely trails and a conservatory. Another nice add-on is the Wicker Park neighborhood, just to the east of Humboldt Park.

A sort of ‘greenway’ has also been built along N. Humboldt Blvd. heading north, for 1.3 miles through Palmer Square to the Logan Square subway station.

606 Trail Information


  • Trail: 2.7 miles one-way; Humboldt Park loop is 2.5 mile add-on
  • Flat
  • East: Walsh Park at the I-90; West: N. Ridgeway Ave. Numerous other access points
  • Subway: Western Station at east end of 606 Trail