Chicago: Downtown & Central

Humboldt Park and Garfield Park

Victor Grigas

As a standalone run or an add-on to the 606 Trail, we’ve put together a nice run incorporating Humboldt Park and Garfield Park. These are two fairly extensive city parks which have their own self-contained loops of ~2 miles. We’ve put together a full loop including connector paths, but feel free to choose any segment or add-on the 606 Trail!

From the 606 Trail (1.7 mile mark), take the path along¬† N. Humboldt Blvd. south for 0.3 miles to Humboldt Park, which has 2 miles of green trails around a couple of ponds. From the south end of the park, continue along N. Sacramento Blvd. for 0.8 miles (a bit industrial but there’s a bike path, then RIGHT on tree-lined Franklin Blvd., for 0.6 miles into Garfield Park. The loop around the park’s trails is ~2 miles, and features two ponds, a conservatory, and the historic Gold Dome Field House. For the return, you can use N. Kedzie Ave. for variety.

Add-Ons:¬† The Wicker Park neighborhood, just to the east of Humboldt Park. Also, A sort of ‘greenway’ has also been built along N. Humboldt Blvd. heading north, for 1.3 miles through Palmer Square to the Logan Square subway station. And the 606 Trail is 0.3 miles north of Humboldt Park.

606 Trail Information


  • Full loop incorporating both paths and connector is 7.8 miles (12.7 km)
  • Flat
  • At any point. Our loop starts from the 606 Trail (1.7 mile mark). Best transport access is to start the loop at Garfield Park
  • Green Line: Conservatory-Central Park Drive goes right to Garfield Park