Cleveland, OH

Edgewater Park to Lakewood Park

There is pleasant lakeshore and residential running in the western part of Cleveland’s Metroparks system. Edgewater Park is 147 acres, and has about 1 mile of trails and shoreline. Exit the park near the famous Cleveland Script Sign, and then enjoy pleasant residential streets of Edgewater Dr. and Lake Ave., which feature wide sidewalks and nice homes. It’s about 2.5 miles to Lakewood Park, where you can also do ~1 mile loop around the park’s pleasant paths. Return on Lake Ave.

The run can be shortened by eliminating the park loops, or not going all the way to Lakewood Park. Or, it can be lengthened with a loop around Edgewater Park, and heading east on the Lakeshore path.

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  • 8.1 miles out and back
  • 130 feet
  • Edgewater Park is closer to downtown, but can also start at Lakewood Park at west end
  • West Blvd-Cudell Station on Red Line is closest to Edgewater Park