Cleveland, OH

Shaker Heights Neighborhood

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Shaker Heights is the most attractive residential neighborhood for running in Cleveland. Located in the eastern part of the city within the inner ‘streetcar’ ring, Shaker Heights is a historic neighborhood graced by tree-lined streets and stately older homes. There are two ‘historic districts’ within Shaker heights as well. This is definitely ‘create your own route’ territory, but we suggest starting in Shaker Square. From there, branch eastward, enjoying the lovely residential streets.  Shaker Blvd. is a good anchor, and one of America’s lovely streets.

From the western edge at Woodland-Larchmere Commercial Historic District, through Shaker Village Historic District to Beechwood City Park is ~ 5 miles, and it’s ~2 miles between Van Aken in the south to Fairmont Blvd. in the north. Bonus: you can get to Shaker Heights using the light rail! 

Add-On: You can also combine this with our University Heights route, including a loop around Horseshoe Lake and the linear park paths that go north to University Circle.

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  • Create your own route. Many miles possible. It's ~5 miles east-west and ~2 miles north-south
  • Anywhere in area. Shaker Square and Shaker Blvd. is a grea anchor
  • Light Rail runs to Shaker Heights along Shaker Blvd. and Van Aken