Upon completion, the Corpus Christi Bay Trail will reach the Oso Bay Wetlands, but that doesn’t mean runners can’t enjoy them now! There are plenty of concrete trail and dirt singletrack running opportunities surrounding the wetlands, which are a popular birding and fishing area. Runners can hop on the 1.4 mile Holly Hike and Bike Trail between Peary Park and the wetlands’ point, and can then explore the smooth dirt trails within the park. There is also another multi-use trail/sidewalk heading west along the North Oso Parkway to Sargent J.D. Bock Park. We’ve mapped a ~6 mile route that traverses the best paths in the area, but it can be made shorter by eliminating some of the out and back segments.

  • Up to 6 miles (9.5 km), can easily be shortened
  • 57 feet
  • Holly Road
  • Route 37 Bus/Crosstown