Pekka Myllyla

The My Khe Beach area is the signature place to run in Da Nang. This wide, flat beach opens out to the East Vietnam Sea, and stretches for some 30 km. The sand is soft, but generally firm enough for running, especially near the water. There is also a beachside promenade path, paralleling the main road, from My An heading north for ~6 km. Our thanks to Pekka Myllyla ( for his insights on this route!

Pekka Myllyla

One can start anywhere along the beach (probably depending on what hotel you’re staying at!), but a good place to start is in My An. From here, the beach heads north for about 6 km, and this is also the section where the promenade path goes as well. From My An heading south toward Hoi An, it’s mainly a beach run, with hotels and golf courses dotting the main road, which turns inland. There are bus stops at certain points, so it is possible to do a one-way run and expose your sweaty self for the return 🙂

Longer Run: At the northern end of the beach, Hoàng Sa road turns right toward Danang Green Lake and the Vườn Lộc Uyển Buddhist Temple. The hilly main road has a decent shoulder for running.

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  • Beach is up to 30 km (20 miles); Section with beachside path is ~6 km, from My An heading north
  • Flat
  • Anywhere along the beach convenient to your hotel; My An is a good place to start and is also where the path is located.
  • Numerous bridges cross the Hàn River to the beach area