Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Hvar Island Waterfront Routes

Creative Commons: Arnie Papp

Hvar is one of the more visited islands on the Dalmatian Coast, easily accessible via ferry from Split and known for its picturesque beaches, scenic coves, vineyards & forests. There’s some wonderful running on Hvar. We’ve mapped three delightful seafront routes in Hvar, Stari Grad, & Vrboska. There’s also some pleasant running on the quiet roads in the interior, passing farms & vineyards.

Hvar Waterfront. 4.7 km one-way, 38m gain. There’s nearly 5 km of pleasant running along a paved seafront promenade in the port and resort town of Hvar. From the center of town, follow the Šetalište Tonija Petrića for 2 km north to FALKO Beach, or the Šetalište put Križa south for 2.7 km to Pokonji dol Beach. There are great water views along this dedicated waterfront path. At Pokonji dol Beach, you can continue further south on a gravel, more rugged path.  Note: Beach not very runnable.

  • If you want some hill running, take the stairs/road up to the Napoleon Fortress (sort of a hike/run), then follow Ul. Biskupa Jurja Dubokovica west toward the Razgledna točka Hvar observation deck.
Stari Grad Waterfront. Google Street View

Stari Grad Waterfront. 4.6 km one-way, 60m gain. Run along the water in one of the oldest towns in Europe! Overall, one can run for 4.6 km along the water, with views to the long, protected bay. From the center of town, take the paved Obala hrvatskih branitelja seafront path for 1.7 km north to Plaža Helios, and south for 3 km to Maslinica Beach (which is also a large public bath), which is 1 km past the ferry terminal.

  • Another good running option here is the series of quiet, scenic agriculture roads just inland. For an adventurous run, take the Put Gospojice road to Vrboska. It’s nearly 9 km, passing the the ancient Greek agricultural plain.

Vrboska Waterfront. In Vrboska, a fishing town founded in the 15th century, we’ve mapped two great running options that can be combined.

  • Peninsula Loop. 6.5 km, 36m gain. Our ‘peninsula’ route heads east on a paved path for 1.5 km, and then makes a loop around a peninsula on a very runnable walking trail passing a series of beaches. It’s a 6.5 km loop.
  • Run to Jelsa. Up to 6.5 km one-way, 68m gain. Lovely waterfront running south to Jelsa. It’s not a dedicated path, but the road is quiet and there are a lot of pedestrians. There are water views and also some shaded sections. It’s 2 km south to Vrboska Rock Beach, 4.3 km to Jelsa, and then 2 km further south to Plaža Mina.



  • Hvar: 4.7 km one-way; Stari Grad: 4.6 km one-way; Vrboska: 6.5 km to Plaža Mina
  • These routes are generally flat. Interior roads are hillier

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  • Hvar: 4.7 km one-way; Stari Grad: 4.6 km one-way; Vrboska: 6.5 km to Plaža Mina
  • These routes are generally flat. Interior roads are hillier