Darwin, Australia

Casuarina Beach and Coastal Reserve

Famous for the Casuarina Beach cliffs and miles of pristine beach, the Casuarina Coastal Reserve offers over 6 km of shared path with amazing coast views and Darwin bushland. Starting at Dripstone Park, follow the unsealed path adjacent to the coast line before reaching the Lee Point Beach lookout, where you follow the path to the right for another ~1 km. The area is popular with mountain bikers as there are trails in the area, so keep an eye out.

Longer Run/Add-On
For the beach runners, follow the Dripstone Cliffs Staircase down to the wide open Casuarina Beach, which features firm sand for running. Note:  after 1 km there is a nudist beach. And for a longer run, incorporate our Nightcliff Neighborhood & Foreshore route, crossing Rapid Creek and a lovely 2+ km along the foreshore Casiuarina Rd.



  • 6.3 km (4 miles) one-way, or 12.6 km (8 miles) out and back
  • Fairly flat
  • Dripstone Park at Trower Rd.
  • The Casuarina Coastal Reserve car park is the best option