Darwin, Australia

Nifghtcliff Neighborhood and Foreshore

Flickr: Jeff Whalan

Nightcliff is Darwin’s poshest residential neighborhood, featuring quiet, tree-lined streets and the lovely Casuarina Rd., which runs above and along the water and features some great views. We start the route at Trower Rd. near the Casuarina Coastal Reserve, so runners can easily incorporate that route into a longer run. Run south along the path, crossing Rapid Creek, continuing on the path past Nightcliff Foreshore Park, onto Casuarina Rd. (2 km mark). Continue along the foreshore for another 2.5 km, on a  paved multi-use path paralleling the road featuring great views of the water, until reaching Hickory St. At Sunset Park, take a jaunt down the Nightcliff Jetty.

Nightcliff Jetty. Flickr: Jeff Whalan

For the return, retrace your steps. Alternatively, make your way along the residential streets of Nightcliff (avoid Progress Dr. but note there aren’t any easy ‘through roads’), using Waters St. to connect to the multi-use path that runs alongside Rapid Creek Rd. You can also add a few km by enjoying some of the quiet, residential streets of Nightcliff, which feature attractive homes and lush foliage.

Add-Ons:  Our Casuarina Coastal Reserve route continues north of Dripstone Park for up to 6 km to Lee Point. You can also take the Dripstone Cliff Staircase to access the runnable Casuarina Beach.


  • 9 km (5.6 miles). Loop and out & back routes are similar
  • Trower Rd. near the Casuarina Coastal Reserve; Can also start in Nightcliff at Cauaerina Rd. & Hickory St.