Kyiv, Ukraine

Dnieper River Path (Dnipro)

Google Street View
Paton Bridge, Navodnitsky Park. Wikimedia

There’s a pleasant path along the right bank of Dnieper River that runs from the Pedestrian Bridge near the Friendship of Nations Arch for 5 km south to Navodnitsky Park/Paton Bridge. There are several other sections of path or trail along the Dnipro, but this is the longest and most seamless for running. The path runs alongside is mainly paved or concrete, and features great views of the river and numerous bridges. Use the pedestrian bridge to cross the Naberezhne Highway to get to the path. It’s 2.8 km to the Metro Bridge, and 5 km to the Paton Bridge at the end of Navodnitsky Park. You can retrace your steps, or use some of the additional options below.

Loop Option/Add-Ons. To vary the return or add on, you can use the paths that run through the series of parks just inland from the river:  Motherland Monument/Spivoche Pole, Park of Eternal Glory, and Marlinksy Park.

To add on, you can also cross the river using the Metro Bridge to run on Hydropark Island or the Pedestrian Bridge to run on Trukhaniv Island.

  • Up to 9.6 km out and back along river paths; Loop option is ~11.5 km
  • Flat if stay on river paths; loop option is 130m
  • North End: Pedestrian Bridge; South End: Paton Bridge
  • Metro: Poshtova ploshcha (line 2) for Pedestrian Bridge