Dresden, Germany

Großer Garten: The Grand Garden of Dresden

Wikimedia Commons

The Großer Garten, translated into the The Grand Garden of Dresden, is a beautiful, centrally located park that’s wonderful for running. Wonderfully landscaped paths, botanical gardens, baroque sculptures, and a summer palace all make for a bucolic run. Run the long, alée-like paths around the Summer Palace, or explore the more wooded paths along the edges of the park. Großer Garten is ~2 km long and ~1 km wide. A loop of the perimeter is 5 km.

Add-Ons: Add on with our Dresden ‘runseeing’ tour in Altstadt, just to the west.

  • Create your own route in this 2 km long and 1 km wide park. Perimeter loop is ~5 km
  • Fairly flat
  • Tram stops all around park. Park is walkable from Altstadt.