Dresden, Germany

Elbe River Paths

Wikimedia Commons

Running along the paths of the Elbe in Dresden is a classic European river route. There’s a dedicated, mainly paved multi-use path along both sides of the river, mainly heading east from the center of town. The north side is lusher and greener, while the south side has some more sites. The popular route is a 13 km loop to the “Blue Wonder” bridge in Loschwitz, though numerous bridges along the way allow for shorter options. There are also numerous spots where a ferry, part of the public transport system, can be used for a 5 minute crossing.

Start near the center of Old Town and cross the Augustus Bridge to the north side – Innere Neustadt. Run east toward Loschwitz. The first 2-3 km are through the Staudengarten and Rosengarten parks with beautiful flowers and a festive atmosphere with beer gardens along the water. At 5 km is the Lingnerpark and Albrechtsberg Palace. At 7 km, cross the “Blue Wonder” bridge in Loschwitz to loop back. On the south side, it’s quite pastoral as you head back west, with nice views of the Innere Altstadt approaching the center of Dresden.

Options/Longer Run: From Loschwitz, the Elbe path continues further east for another 4 km to Niederpoyritz. You’ll need to cross over via ferry at Fährstelle Laubegast. In the center of Dresden, there are paths on the north side for 2 km west to Neudorfer Werder.

  • 13.1 km (8.2 miles) loop, with options for longer or shorer
  • 63m (208 feet)
  • Augustus Bridge
  • Many transport options.