Dresden, Germany

Dresden ‘Runseeing’ Tour

Wikimedia Commons

This ‘runseeing’ tour of up to 15 km captures the historical and cultural highlights of Dresden, exploring the older ‘Altsadt’ area on the south side of the Elbe river and Neustadt on the northern side.

Neustadt: Start by crossing the Augustus Bridge into Neustadt. Turn LEFT, heading west, to the Japanisches Palais (Palace) and lovely surrounding gardens. Then, take the green, pedestrian, tree-lined Hauptstraße north to Albertplatz, location of City Hall and the Dreikönigskirche church. This next, optional 3.5 km loop heads up to the Alaunplatz park the the Military Museum and several more modern buildings. Come back south along Kamenzer or other adjacent streets to the river and head west through the impressive Rosengarten and Staudengarten.

Altstadt: Explore the older, historic section of Dresden over 6 km. It’s difficult to map a specific route because it’s a largely pedestrianized area, without many longer streets. Use Schloßstraße as the main north-south anchor. Head west to explore the Dresden Castle and the several gorgeous Opera House, Zwinger Museum, & more around lovely grounds. Head back east for a loop around the landmark Katholische Hofkirche, and then head south toward the central train station in a largely pedestrianized zone, passing the long Fürstenzug mural and several other landmarks. South of the Wilsdruffer Str. is a more commercial area (use Prager Str). At Wiener Platz, turn around and head back south — numerous pedestrian options.

Shorter Options: Can eliminate 3.5 km in Neustadt by turning around at Albertplatz. Can also save 1.5 km in Altstadt by turning around at the ring road.

Add-Ons: Paths along both sides of the Elbe River stretch for many km, or explore the Großer Garten.

  • 15 km (9.3 miles); See also shorter 10 km option
  • 91m (301 feet) -- nearly all of it in Neustadt north of Albertplatz
  • Augustus Bridge