Edinburgh, UK

Duddingston Loch & Brunstane Burn Path

Brunstane Burn Path is a dedicated pedestrian path that connects the area to the south of Holyrood Park to the sea at Portobello. It can a standalone run, or used as an add-on or connector to other roues. The inland terminus starts near the southern end of Holyrood Park, at the roundabout where Queen’s Dr., Holyrood Rd., and Duddingston Low Rd. meet. The dirt path heads south 4 miles to near the eastern end of the Portobello Promenade, at the sea. It passes through the Duddingston Loch nature preserve, Edinburgh’s only freshwater pond. At Holyrood Park, be sure to enjoy a section of the path running through the Innocent Tunnel, for nearly 1 mile.

This is a nice add-on to a Holyrood Park loop or Portobello Promenade. A full loop from Edinburgh to Portobello Beach, and then back up along the the path is about 10 miles.

Add-On: Holyrood Park, from the Holyrood Palace.

  • 6.4 km (4 miles)
  • 230 feet
  • Inland end at Holyrood Park, near roundabout with Duddingston Low Rd.; Seaside end off Eastfield & A199, about 1/2 mile east of the Portobello Promenade