Eugene, OR

Fern Ridge Trail

Wikimedia Commons

The Fern Ridge Trail is an asphalt and concrete bike path that is slightly less popular than those surrounding the Willamette River, but it’s a nice point of access for runners on the west side of Eugene. At 6 miles (one-way), it’s a nice medium to long distance run from Westmoreland City Park in the east to Meadowlark Prairie Reserve in the west. The east end is more of a commuter path between residential and commercial areas, but the section out by Meadowlark Prairie is quieter and scenic, great for solitude and wildlife viewing.

Add-On: Runners can also continue a few additional miles west on Royal Ave to the Fern Ridge Reservoir. This paved road has little to no shoulder, but also relatively little traffic.



  • Up to 6 miles (one way)
  • 19 feet
  • Westmoreland City Park or Meadowlark Prairie Reserve
  • 18th Ave or Royal Ave