Eugene, OR

Pre’s Trail: A Runner’s Pilgrimage

Wikimedia Commons

Consider this a runner’s pilgrimage. Conceived by and named for Oregon track legend Steve Prefontaine, this trail through the Whilamut Natural Area/Alton Baker Park is composed of 4 miles of wood chip surface and lovely riparian scenery. The trail was completed as a memorial after Prefontaine’s untimely death in an automobile accident in 1975, and today is a popular location for local cross-country competitions and recreational jogging. The path consists of three inter-linked loops, the 1.4 mile Green Loop, the  0.6 mile Yellow Loop, and 1.6 mile Red Loop. Combined, it’s 4 miles. Scenery includes woods, tall grasses, and a canoe canal. There are numerous kiosks with maps and part of the trail is lit at night! To distinguish Pre’s Trail from other trails in Ashton Park, just follow the wood chips!

For even more mileage, runners can easily link to other trails in Alton Baker Park, Willamette River Trail, and points beyond.

  • 4 miles, via three interlocking loops. Add-on with Willamete River Trail, other trails in Alton Baker Park.
  • 60 feet
  • Alton Baker Park
  • Day Island Road