Space Coast, FL

Viera Wetlands

Rusty Clark

The Viera Wetlands rest about halfway between Palm Shores and Rockledge, just off North Wickham Road. This popular bird watching and wildlife photography destination has a wide dirt road encircling the collection of ponds and marshes. The road is sometimes open to cars, but most drivers respect the serene atmosphere of the preserve and traffic is light when it exists at all. Starting from the South Central Wastewater Plant, runners can complete an exterior loop of about 2.25 miles. Inside this loop, there are an additional 2 miles of gravel road and trail, so there are various options for loops and laps within the park. Note: operating hours vary by season – more info here.

  • Exterior Loop is 2.25 miles (3.6 km), with ~2 miles of additional trails
  • 12 feet
  • South Central Wastewater Plant
  • North Wickham Road