Fort Worth, Texas

East Fort Worth: Trinity Trails and Tandy Hills

Creative Commons: Dameon Hudson

There are some good off-road running options in east Fort Worth (the area south of I-820 and east of I-35W). Many miles of the Trinity Trails passing through numerous parks, or trail running through native prairie in Tandy Hills.

Gateway Park. CC: Dameon Hudson

Riverside Park to Quanah Parker Park. Up to 8 miles of flat running along the Trinity Trails, passing through several large parks. Good for a long off-road run, although many sections of trail are close to highways. Starting at Riverside Park,  head south to Harmon Field Park, then east to Gateway Park, where there’s a 2-mile section of trail and numerous other recreation facilities. From there, it’s another (not particularly scenic) 2 miles to Quanah Parker Park. Option to continue east on a multi-use path along the West Fork Trinity River.  ROUTE MAP

Sycamore Park to Cobb Park. In eastern Fort Worth. A paved trail runs for 2.5 miles through these pleasant parks.

Tandy Hills. Google Street View

Tandy Hills Natural Area. Enjoy easy trail running in native prairie on several miles of trails in this 160-acre preservation area. There are 900 native plant species. PRO TIP: Gorgeous in spring with wildflowers!  It’s adjacent to I-30. For a longer run, it’s 2 miles to Gateway Park (above), where you can connect to several miles of trails.


Map of Fort Worth Trail System

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