Helsinki, Finland

Central Park and Paloheinä

Central Park features about 100 km of paths that can be used for running and trail running. Technically, the southernmost tip of Central Park is located in Töölönlahti Bay but the actual gateway to the park is located north from the Olympic Stadium. This is an area for you to design your own run. The excellent trail map has information on recommended trails for running, including those that are lit and cleared from snow in winter.

Paloheinä — located at northernmost part of Central Park, around 8 miles from downtown — is probably the best area for running. Paloheinä offers sawdust running trails in a beautiful agricultural landscape. Note that in winter season, some of the trails are kept clean from snow while other are used for skiing, thus not suitable for running. We’ve put together a 5 km loop north of Paloheinä.

Info on Paloheinä  Info on Central Park
  • We've included a 5 km loop north of Paloheinä , but best to create your own run using the attached trail map
  • Depends on route chosen
  • Gateway to the park is located north from the Olympic Stadium. Accessible from 66 bus or 63 bus