Guayaquil, Ecuador

Cerro Santa Ana and Barrio Las Peñas

Yássef Briloz

Cerro Santa Ana and the Las Peñas neighborhood is a logical addition to a run on Malecón 2000, but it also makes a great route of its own! Runners can get in a fantastic hill workout by climbing the 444 steps to the Faro Las Peñas, a scenic lighthouse with 360 degree views around Guayaquil and the Rio Guaya. The staircase begins at La Planchada, just off Numa Pompilio Llona. It climbs through rows of colorful houses and shops, reaching the lighthouse in about .4 km. Runners can then descend through the neighborhood on Callejon del Bucanero and wrap around Sgto. Buitron. At the intersection, cross the street and descend the stairs to Pa. de Espana (turn around for a great view of the colorful hill). Run straight out 1er Callejon 11 NE past the Emporium offices to reach the waterfront, then turn RIGHT. At the Cerro Santa Ana museum, continue along the cobblestones of Numa Pompilio Llona to reach the start. It’s only 2 km round trip, so add some distance along the Malecón if you wish.

Add-On: Continue south on the Malecón for more distance.

  • 2 km loop, including the stairs. For more, continue on Malecón
  • 38 meters (126 feet)
  • La Planchada
  • Parada Las Peñas Bus Stop