Guayaquil, viernes 29 de junio del 2018 (Andes).-Turistas recorren uno de los tramos de la Isla Santay..Foto:César Muñoz/Andes

The large island of Santay sits at the center of the Rio Guaya, just offshore from Guayaquil. This National Recreation Area does have a population of about 210 people who live in eco-villages, but it mostly consists of protected forest and waterfront encircled by multi-use trails. Visitors can access the island either by the Puente (Bridge) Isla Santay (off Calle del Oro in Guayaquil), or by the Puente Duran-Santay from Malecón Abel Gilbert 3 in Duran. Once on the island, runners can enjoy a 6 km “ciclovia” that spans from the administrative area to the Duran Bridge. Runners can also explore the Sendero Huaquillas and the Camino a la Cocodrila paths near the administrative area. While there are some dirt paths, most of the routes consist of a bouncy plastic-wood composite that will energize your run!

  • Up to 6 km (one-way)
  • 10 meters (33 feet)
  • Puente Isla Santay or Puente Duran-Santay
  • Barrio Centenario Norte-Sur Bus Stop