Guayaquil, Ecuador

Waterfront Paths in the Cisne/Ximena/Isla Trinitaria area

There are some more waterfront paths in the Cisne/Ximena/Isla Trinitaria area of southwest Guayaquil. Any of these linear parks can be run on their own, but it’s also possible to connect the paths with some brief forays onto city streets. 

Parque Lineal El Cisne: Nice waterfront path runs for 3.8 km (one-way) between Plaza de Cristo (Christ Square statue) and Callejón 44B SO.  ROUTE MAP.

Parque Lineal Las Malvinas:  Waterfront path goes for 1.8 km (one-way) from Iglesia Ada Claveles south to Primer Puente.  ROUTE MAP  The Parque Lineal Isla Trinitaria Sur (below) looks tantalizingly close for a longer run, but the Primer Puente (bridge) is tough for running.

Parque Lineal Isla Trinitaria Sur: 4.8 km along the east end of Isla Trinitaria. ROUTE MAP

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