Hamilton, Ontario

Stairs and Falls Route

Google Street View

This is a fun run in the southwestern part of Hamilton that combines paths along the Niagara Escarpment, several parks, and some of the city’s famous stair paths. Start near downtown at Southam Park, where there’s stair and bike access to the lower city. Run along the gravel Bruce Trail for 1.8 km, and reach the Dundurn Stairs (326 steps!) and Chedoke Stairs at 3 km (297 steps). Continue along the Chedoke Radial Trail, passing Westcliffe Falls (3.3 km), and Mountview Waterfall (4.2 km), reaching a scenic lookout at Princess Falls at 5 km.

Dundurn Stairs. Google Street View

For the return, you can retrace your steps, or for variety, take Scenic Dr. (road), which features nice homes and passes Chedoke Falls (8.7 km). You can also take the Bruce Trail, which is just south of the Chedoke Radial Trail, and is a bit more rugged.

Add-Ons: For a longer run, continue on our Escarpment Rail Trail & Stairs route, featuring more stair paths, just 1.5 km east at Corktown Park. Combining these two routes would be ~25 km and 2,800 stair steps!

  • Up to 11.3 km (7 miles) out and back or loop option
  • 228 feet (69m), not including the stairs
  • Southam Park, near downtown
  • Stairs and Bike access point to lower city at Southam Park