Hartford, CT

West Hartford Commercial/Residential

The city of West Hartford is an up and coming suburb, known for its elegant neighborhoods and hip shopping centers. Public improvement projects have recently amped up streets, sidewalks, and lighting throughout the main neighborhoods, making it a great spot for a commercial/residential run. Here are some of our top picks to check out:

Farmington Ave: Farmington Ave is the heart of West Hartford — a cute strip of brick faced boutiques and cafes leading west into a residential area with impressive houses and sprawling green lawns. It’s a somewhat busy street, but a sidewalk keeps runners off the road, and the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood will inspire a fun workout. The best section of running is from the Main Street intersection (near Blue Back Square) heading west to the Mountain Road intersection — about 2.4 miles out and back. [MAP]

West Hill: This historic plot off Farmington Ave was originally the estate of Cornelius J. Vanderbilt, but was subdivided into a series of upper class residences in the 1920’s. Today, the neighborhood includes those impressive Tudor and Colonial Revival mansions, as well as the original brownstone wall of the state. Though just a small loop, it’s a gorgeous 1.3 mile run when combined with Farmington Ave, Hamilton Ave, and Vanderbilt Road. Use Fern Ave and Prospect Ave to connect to Elizabeth Park for a longer run. [MAP]

Mountain Road: The homes west of Mountain Road, near the Reservoirs, are considered some of the nicest and most expensive properties in West Hartford, making for a safe a scenic route. Mountain Road itself is a good out and back, with a long sidewalk in good condition. The section from Farmington Ave north to Albany Ave is 2.2 miles one way. To extend your route, you can add on any of the culs-de-sac off the west side of the street. Or, complete a loop around Fernridge Park/Fairview Cemetery using Mountain Road, Fern Street, Walden Street, Argyle Ave, and Braeburn Road. [Mountain Road MAP] [Fernridge Loop MAP]

Prospect Ave: Northern Prospect Ave has long been known as one of the prettiest streets in West Hartford, with a long concrete sidewalk, manicured gardens, and grandiose homes leading towards the scenic Elizabeth Park. In the past couple of years, West Hartford has poured money into a beautification project on the southern end of Prospect Ave, near Park Street, installing new pavement, streetlights, and sidewalks throughout the area. From Park Street north to Albany Ave, Prospect Ave now makes for a 2 mile (one way) stretch from up-and-coming commercial to gorgeous residential. [MAP]

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