This route offers breathtaking views along the waterfronts and it is a great choice especially in the summer season. Nice spot to start your run is Hietaniemi beach, which is fully crowded on nice summer days. Head north and pass Sibelius Monument, dedicated to Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. Run through beautiful Meilahdenpuisto park and islands called Lehtisaari and Kaskisaari. When crossing the pedestrian bridge from Kaskisaari to Lauttasaari island, you see Keilaniemi business park on the opposite shore in west. The area features several corporate offices and is also former home of ex-mobile phone giant Nokia. In Lauttasaari island, you can make a shortcut for an 8-mile run and continue directly back towards Hietaniemi along Lauttasaarentie street. However, we highly recommend to make an extra 2-mile loop at the southern tip of Lauttasaari island. The area features nice parks and offers scenic views to the Gulf of Finland. Run back to Hietaniemi beach and go for a refreshing swim.

Add-On: Seurasaari Island. This island loop adds a very pleasant, car-free 4 km. From Tamminiemi, run over the pedestrian bridge with great views of the water and do a loop around flat, dirt paths — combination of woods and water views.


  • 10 miles
  • Hietaniemi or any other point
  • Bus 24 from downtown